Entrepreneurship fundamentals have Demand and Supply side audiences
Recently in Dubai, I was asked as an instructor of entrepreneurship fundamentals to both undergraduate and master level students as to who is the audience for teaching and learning entrepreneurship fundamentals. I answered it then but kept on thinking.

The blog below is my detailed take on it. I request audience to add to them especially on the proposed concepts of ‘Accidental entrepreneurs’ and ‘Entrepreneurs by inheritance / succession’. 

Entrepreneurship fundamentals have Demand and Supply side audience.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life but many of us practice it for professional reasons too. The reasons include quest for a sense of accomplishments and prosperity for self and for generating employment, value and wealth for the society they live in and celebrate.

The United Arab Emirates- UAE- a relatively young nation is built around the entrepreneurship of her great founders, citizens and followers.
Related to the entrepreneurship, we have come to recognize fully the concept of intrapreneurship also. Intrapreneurship exemplifies the process to think like an entrepreneur we know of. The concept of intrapreneurship exhorts that the employees should work as if it is their own business. We should take initiatives and decisional risks even while others own the entity / business we work in for salary and other emoluments. Intrapreneurship is all about pursuing your business ideas and opportunity, innovation, risk taking and zeal to succeed even while working for others.

Entrepreneurship fundamentals course therefore has multiple audiences including the following:

1. Persons of any determination who are passionate to make a business of their ideas and opportunity independently but need entrepreneurship fundamentals to temper their passion with a business-like thinking

2. Persons of any determination who prefer to work for others in government or private sectors for mitigating their own risks but are passionate to make a business of their ideas and opportunity through intrapreneurship described above

3. Home managers ladies and gentlemen of any determination who want to do business only part time while retaining the passion and commitment to raise and care for their family members

4. Techno-opportunists of any determination who want to pursue e-entrepreneurship ideas leveraging the Information and communication technologies (ICT) without having to assume the huge risks associated with self-employing entrepreneurship or do not want to quit working for others which gives them certainty in life.

5. Accidental entrepreneurs who lost their job for any business and personal reasons but need entrepreneurship fundamentals to deal with their situation with a business-like clear thinking

6. Inherited entrepreneurs who received their family business of a modest family size but untrained in thinking how to keep it going. Or scaling it up.

7. Persons of any determination that has an innovative idea.

8. Entrepreneurship fundamentals are most gainful to business opportunities, venture capitalists, investors, angel investors, private equity investors and all others the emerging genre of serial investors who want to invest and monetize entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship opportunities and move on from one asset to another.

9. Entrepreneurship fundamentals are equally useful to the cause marketers including social workers, NGOs, noon-profits organizations who seek and compete for social responsibility funds, talents and time of others or government assistance to deliver on their mission.

10. Finally, the Policy makers and facilitating organizations executives who need to and / or are required to interact, fund and support the recipient entrepreneurs so that they also get them and effectively work and empathize with the those who are entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs as the case may be.

To sum up, the course on entrepreneurship fundamentals enjoys both Demand side and supply side audiences.

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